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Our Story

We’re a family owned shop, therefor we take great pride in servicing the people and local businesses of Reno, Nevada. Specializing in residential indoor & outdoor furniture, commercial work, auto, marine, motorcycles, and custom restorations. As a result, through out our  years of experience we can help, no matter the size of the job.

Between our talented team of upholsterers and front office staff we have over 60+ years of experience we are eager to share with you! Here at Reno Upholstery & Design we take pride in every detail of your furniture. Over the years with a little ambition, devotion and commitment to quality work we've managed to keep our doors open and is blessed do what we love every day.

What makes us different? First of all, we go above and beyond for our clients. Making sure they have the perfect furniture for their space is what means the most to us. Further more, with 60 + years in the industry.. Reno Upholstery & Design understands meeting the needs of our clients. Above all we believe that reupholstering your projects should not cost an arm and a leg. Our mission is to show customers that they too can have the furniture of their dreams without paying the prices of their nightmares. Finally, are attention to detail and vision for modern trends gives our shop the ability to provide a upholstery services to our customers that they cant find anywhere else. Contact for best upholstery services in Reno!

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